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California Legislature - 1939
Recognizes the Swiss Family Fraunfelder
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Seal on Fraunfelder Resolution, 1939
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On June 9, 1939, The California State Assembly unanimously adopted House Resolution 186 sponsored by Rep. Cecil R. King, a Democrat from Los Angeles.  King would later successfully run for the U.S. House of Representatives from California, and served for 27 years in Congress.  He died in 1974. Among other things, the resolution (below) praised the family for "appealing to the appreciation of better kinds of music among high school and college students throughout the state." The resolution followed a May 31, 1939 performance to the California State Assembly. Perhaps more noteworthy than the resolution itself was the special reception where it was presented to the family. The presenter was newspaper cartoonist and actor Leo Carrillo (perhaps best known for his role as "Pancho" in the 1950-56 syndicated television series, "The Cisco Kid." )

Find Fraunfelders on Facebook

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