Mama Fraunfelder, Circa 1960s
Grandma Fraunfelder's Lullaby

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I ghöre nes Glöggli
Traditional Swiss Lullaby
Approximate text of song taught by Frieda Fraunfelder

Some lyrics differ from published songs, click here for a printable pdf file that will show the differences.
Click here to hear Larry Ganders, one of her grandsons, sing the song.
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Ighöre nes Glögg - li, dat lü - tet so
nätt. Der Tag isch ver gang e, itz
gahn lippe kindily ins Bett. Im Bett tuen se
bät - te und schla - fe de y. Und der
Lieb ilund im Himmel, wird all lippe kindily se. Ah-Men, Ahh-Men,
 Ahhh, Ahhh, Men