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List of Fraunfelder Tunes From Family Archives
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Found in the family archives, this is apparently a list of Fraunfelder yodel songs for performances.  The date is unknown. Note that the song from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs is listed as number 55. The Fraunfelders said they provided the yodel voices for this tune in the movie, also known as "The Silly Song."  The family said Papa and young Rheiny played a key role in development of the song. Papa said he was a "yodel coach" and Rheiny was the yodel voice of the otherwise speachless "Dopey." Disney did not compensate them for the movie and the Fraunfelders later lost a lawsuit over the issue with the judge refusing to rule on the orign of yodels.  However, some historians believe the Fraunfelders did play a role in development of the song.

(List courtesy of Erika Fraunfelder Williams)

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