Rheiny Fraunfelder Swiss Clubs & Societies
Ruth Fraunfelder, Circa 1938
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Verein Urion and Swiss Ulpenrosli
Seattle, WA - 1938

Program from a Swiss Family Fraunfelder Concert at the Masonic Temple
(Now the Egyptian Theater, which closed in 2013 and the building is now owned by Seattle Community College.)


Fraunfelders and Swiss Singing Society
San Francisco, Calif., 1939
California Hall

Program from a Swiss Family Fraunfelder Concert with the "Alpenroesli" Swiss Singing Society in San Francisco, Calif.  Now the home of the California Culinary Academy and associated restaurant, the ornate building was built by the German Society. In the 1960s, it hosted key meetings of the early gay civil rights movement.

San Francisco, 1939

Fraunfelders and Swiss Edelweiss Singing Society - 1939
Tacoma, Washington
Swiss Hall

More than 3,000 Swiss and their descendants are still active today in Swiss organizations in the Tacoma/Bonney Lake/Pierce County area of Washington state, according to Louise Albert Mueller Hospenthal, president of the Fife Historical Society  The Fraunfelders likely performed here multiple times throughout their career as there was a large concentration of Swiss immigrants. The "Grand Swiss Concert," where the Fraunfelders performed in Tacoma in 1939, is still held every three years at rotating locations on the West Coast.  The Swiss Hall where they performed was built in 1913 at the corner of Jefferson and Market streets by Swiss immigrants.  It is now on the campus of the University of Washington-Tacoma and is called "The Swiss Restaurant and Pub."  The upstairs meeting hall still features a large wall mural of the Alps.  

Swiss Club - San Diego, Calif. - 1939

Program from a Swiss Family Fraunfelder Concert at Germania Hall in San Diego, Calif.,
 on Dec. 8, 1939..  Performance sponsored by the San Diego County Swiss Club

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Fraunfelders and The Helvetia Male Chorus - 1938-1940
Swiss Hall and Woodmen of the World Hall
Portland, Ore.

1938 Woodmen of the World Hall, Portland

Woodmen Hall, Portland, 1939

United Swiss Societies, Wisconsin

Photo and cutline believed to be from the Milwaukee Journal taken at a picnic of the United Swiss Societies of Milwaukee.  The photo appears to be circa 1945-1950.  Clipping courtesy of Heather White, Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Part of the Doug Ross collection, Mt. Baldy, Calif.