Rheiny Fraunfelder Popcorn, Fraunfelders and a movie?
Ruth Fraunfelder, Circa 1938
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 "Popcorn, Fraunfelders and a Movie?"
You had that option in 1938-39

Flyers from in Portland,  Seattle, and Los Angeles

The early Fraunfelder performances were often accompanied by motion pictures (with sound) such as the 1932 full length comedy Swiss ski film, "Slalom," or a Sonja Henie ice skating short, "Swiss on White," or another short called, "Swiss Ski School."  There were also films promoting the American Red Cross. The poster below is for an an appearance at Benson Polytechnic High School Auditorium in Portland, Ore.  Slalom, which was produced in black and white on seven reels and not released in the U.S. until 1936, was billed as the first feature-length ski film.  It was 87 minutes long. The year of the  handbill below is not identified but believed to be around 1938, when the Fraunfelders had a similar Slalom movie billing at historic Trinity Auditorium in  Los Angeles, California (below.) The Trinity venue seated 1,600 to 2,500 people with three balconies and a stained-glass ceiling. No information on whether popcorn was available.

(Handbills courtesy of Erika Williams from family binder)

Trinity Auditorium, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Swiss Society
Seattle handbill Seattle, 1938